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Recognising Our Most Valued Corporate Clients

Embrace the joys of receiving special benefits and treats with The Link Club – a reward programme that is offered to our valued corporate customers. Created with you in mind, The Link Club allows you to enjoy the services and benefits you have always wanted.

Reservations Made Simple
When you join The Link Club, making reservations is even easier. Whether it is a pleasant booking experience you are after, or quality service that extends beyond planning initial journeys, simply tap into our expertise and relax while we take care of your travel arrangements. Enjoy the flexibility of making your reservation online in minutes with the added bonus of getting instant confirmation any time, anywhere.

Lavish Treats, Sensational Rewards
Every reservation you make brings you closer to enjoying a delightful selection of benefits and treats. From dining, shopping and travel privileges to a wide range of enticing lifestyle and corporate events, you will be indulged with the rewards designed with you in mind. What’s more, a lovely surprise awaits as we celebrate your special day together.

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Với triết lý "We WOW We WIN" chúng tôi đã kiến tạo ra rất nhiều sự kiện mang đầy tính sáng tạo, mang đến màu sắc mới và "7Lucker" luôn biết cách WOW khách hàng của mình bằng những ý tưởng và dịch vụ siêu Việt

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    The Link Club

    • Khách: 100
    • Thời gian: 16:00PM - 21:00PM - 14/12/2019
    • Địa điểm: Hồ Chí Minh

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    The Link Club – Year End Party at Somerset Chancellor Apartment HCMC
    Year End Party

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